I have very few distinct mentors whose advice I typically rely on or use as comparison notes. My first mentor became Suze Orman. I heard her on a local radio show promoting her new book, “The Money Book for the Young, Fabulous and Broke”. Well, the title certainly applied to me. But further into the interview, she took caller’s questions and blatantly said “Interest-Only mortgages are the worst kind”. Being a purchaser of an interest-only loan, I immediately freaked and bought the book. Her advice was clear and designed exactly for someone in my situation. Someone in their 20’s, approaching marriage, settling into their first home, and most importantly, drowning in debt. I then found a copy of another book she authored, “The 9 Steps to Financial Freedom”. I have yet to read this one as it seems geared towards a more mature audience.

Next, I came to know Clark Howard. I basically only used his site for good travel deals. I started flipping through that free paper that comes on Thursday’s, The Buyer’s Edge. I clip my coupons from there and whilst thumbing through the articles, I found a column written by Clark Howard. I slowly began listening to his show online, checking his site for consumer advice, and then it developed into a financial adviser status.

I finally started to make some parallels. My trusted advice from Suze and Clark, is what my dad has been telling me all along but he was just my dad. But now he has made it to my mentor list and along with him comes Jim Cramer. In my dad’s words, “that’s his buddy”. My dad doesn’t much care for CNBC and from my previous post you now know I agree with him.

I also thought I might explore Dave Ramsey. I listened to his show for the first time today online and it was laced with religious spins and questions. i.e. “How do I get my son to tithe?”. So he’s off the list.

I do quite like a few other blogs as well, Wise Bread and the Simple Dollar. These are both good go-to sites for practical advice written in terms the rest of us can understand. And lastly, I subscribe to SmartMoney magazine to keep up with what’s happening on Wall Street. Who are your mentors?