If you believe a penny saved is a penny earned then I should tell you frugality pays.

Thursday mornings, I take the dog out and pick up the paper. While I’m watching The View, I go through the coupon section and clip the ones for the items I already buy. You don’t want to buy items you don’t need simply because it’s on a sale or a good deal. I take all my coupons 50 cents and under to Publix, where they double them. Publix also has many buy 1 get 1 deals weekly. If my coupon exceeds 50 cents, I take it to Walmart where the prices are better and I get even more savings. (Walmart does not double). By doing this I have saved quite a bit of money.

We also buy big tickets items from the scratch and dent section. We managed to get a $500 water heater for $150. I also pick up items from other people’s trash. People will throw out valuable things simply because they don’t want to fool with fixing or cleaning it. We acquired a stainless grill this way. I picked up a 4th matching chair that my dining set was missing.

We use our connections. I knew someone who worked at Simmons. We were able to get a $2,100 mattress for $500. I knew someone who worked with Masonite doors. We now upgraded to a french patio unit and decorative front entry.

I apply for all rebates offered on products. I enter in all drawings and sweepstakes I see on TV or in magazines. When new products come out typically the company will send you a free product sample if you visit their website. These are usually the travel size kind. I do not use these products right away. Instead, I store them in my travel bag so that when I go to take a trip I have a complete set of miniature bottles. Travel size items bought at a store are more expensive per ounce compared to the standard size.

Last year I ended up getting hundreds of dollars back from rebates and decided this year, starting in January, I should track how much money I’m actually saving and see if it’s worth all the work. There have been times I haven’t been very diligent about keeping track but still you can see in the PDF below just how much doing all this has amounted to just 8 months into the year.

Cash Savings