Although I am not an avid Oprah fan, I do enjoy, from time to time, watching her show if the subject interests me. Yesterday, she featured Dr. Oz and Dr. Roizen and their “90 Day Live Longer, Feel Younger Plan“. These doctors have co-authored the book series “YOU”, “YOU, the Owners Manual” and “YOU on a Diet“.

Dr. Oz started off the show comparing food serving sizes from 20 years ago to today. Obviously, American portions have increased greatly. Even the diameter of dinner plates is large than in the 70’s. What I found astounding was that the effects of eating these bad foods can not be reversed with exercise! As the partially hydrogenated oil was oozing out his clutched fist, Dr. Oz said “All the exercise in the world won’t get this out of your arteries.” There are five food ingredients to avoid like the plague if they appear in the first 5 ingredients on the products nutrition label. They are:

  1. High fructose syrup
  2. Enriched flour (enriched means they took all the good stuff out and only put a little good back into it)
  3. Partially hydrogenated anything (this is also trans fat)
  4. Sugar
  5. Animal fat (saturated fat, lard, any fat that is solid at room temperature

While you’re avoiding these foods and there super foods that you should be eating:

  1. Healthy oils: Olive, Sesame seed, Flax seed, Grape seed and Canola (over heating during cooking can damage them)
  2. Fresh garlic (aids intestinal bacteria and relaxes arteries)
  3. Tomato sauce/paste (contains cancer fighting lycopene, an antioxidant)
  4. Fresh spinach (better for your eyes than carrots)
  5. Raw nuts (almonds, walnuts, and hazelnuts. Eaten raw and kept refrigerated)
  6. Pomegranate (very potent antioxidant)

Many of my friends have tried Dr. Oz’s ‘diet’ and have had much success. I’ve heard his book, “You on a Diet”, analyzes the bodies reaction to different foods, how it metabolisms them, basically explains the science behind it. The book also provides recipes and meal plans. From the shopping I’ve done, it seems nearly EVERYTHING has one of those 5 deathly ingredients in it. I’m hoping to come up with a shopping list of ‘safe’ foods which I will make a future post.