I am always in the job market, constantly keeping an eye out for a great opportunity. Last year, on our way back from a road trip, I was catching up on my magazine reading. I came across an issue of Inc. magazine. Annually, they release a special issue about America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies. Within its’ pages, it lists 5,000 companies around the nation that fit a certain criteria. All the criteria I needed to know was that these companies were growing and rapidly. A company experiencing 20,000% growth in 3 years (and no that figure it not a typo) would inevitably need to increase it’s staff.

So I went through the list and circled all the companies in the Atlanta area. Next, I looked up these companies on the internet. I found some phone numbers and email addresses of the CEO’s. I either called or emailed the companies, gave them my congratulations on receiving such recognition and subsequently asked if they were looking to hire on any new people in the near future.

One CEO was so impressed with my initiative and that I actually read magazines like Inc., he asked me in for an interview later that week. Although the job didn’t fit my needs, this was a much more efficient way to job search than using the conventional method of online databases. I’ve just received this years’ issue and plan on executing the same procedures. There were a whopping 19 companies featured this year from the Greater Atlanta area. I plan on contacting all of them. Thankfully, I saved a copy of my email from last year so I can tweak it just a bit to personalize it for each company. I will post the results as I receive feedback from this tactic.