Throwing a party at your home? Want to be a great hostess? I certainly do and for me that meant planning a wine tasting at my home. I wanted to provide something special my guests could take home with them to remember the charming evening. In wanting to create some goody bags that would include items related to wine, I went to my local craft store, Michael’s, and started shopping around for some ideas. Toying around with the idea for this theme party for about 4 months, I had plenty of time to be selective and buy only when I saw good deals. With the luxury of time, I didn’t have to rush out and buy everything last minute and end up spending more money on overpriced items.

First order of business, I bought a small plain brown gift bag for 76 cents. I wanted to craft something original so with some ribbon and a hole punch, I wove trimming around the tops of the bags. I found the ribbon in their dollar section with little grape clusters and wine bottles on them, along with some stamps. Selecting a stamp that read “A Little Something”, I stamped the bags on either side. To finish, I stuffed them with tissue paper that I bought for $1.99, a journal with a decorative cover, and cork stoppers. There were 3 journal styles: a vineyard, a bottle of red wine and bottle of white wine. The cork stoppers were matching with the same scenes. Each of these were purchased for $1. And finally, in the dollar section, were wine glass charms so my guest could differentiate their glass from others’.

On a second trip, I noticed decorative wine bottle holders/tubes with scenes of Tuscany and of France in the clearance section. These were 50% off at $1.50. I thought, wow this will really snaz up my ‘gift bag’. This way everyone can carry home a bottle of wine with them.

So what could have been a very expensive endeavor for me, I was able to accomplish on a budget. Had I purchased wine gifts from a specialty shop, it could have easily cost me $40 a person. By shopping smartly, I spent about $5 per person. With 10 people on the guest-list, that’s a savings of $350!

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