Whilst continuing research on my current stock, I came across a very good article that articulates what I mentioned in a previous post. Here is a prime example of how to continue learning and following the company in which you’ve invested.

Riding the High Road at Coach. This article validated my gut feeling and confidence that I have with this stock. With the opening of a flagship store in Japan and brand extension, Coach took off in 2006. Their continued sales growth can also be attributed to their Global Business Integrity Program, informing employees and partners of their expectations. With a renewed focus, the Supplier Selection Guidelines were developed as a set of stringent guidelines to the firms they outsource.

With these in place, Coach plans to open 40 more retail locations and 6 outlets in the U.S., 20 in Japan, and 30 wholesalers internationally, including 5 in China.

Looks like I’ll be holding for a while longer…