I think I’m in love! My favorite magazine was Martha Stewart’s Living. It’s pretty, glossy, over-sized pages are pleasing to thumb through. My eyes are entertained by the fantastic photography. The articles are well written and timely. But then, I received my first subscription issue of Body + Soul, from the same publishers. This magazine combines everything that interests me.

Body + Soul Sept 07The matte finish pages are printed on recycled paper. The contents can be broken up into departments covering Whole Living, Rejuvenate, Conscious Eating, Green Living, Going Natural, Balanced Fitness, Whole Health and Inner Growth.

Typically, when I first receive a magazine, I flip through all the pages to get an idea of what the issue is about. Then, I go back and read the articles cover to cover. Well, with Body + Soul, as soon as I turned the first page, the topics were of so much interest that I couldn’t help but begin to read. I’ve read half way through the magazine so far and I don’t even know what to expect in the tail end, but I have literally read every single word up to page 119 out of 176 (okay more than half way).

The information is so balanced! From all the health books I’ve read, to TV specials, this magazine combines a little bit of all those philosophies into an easy to read digestible format. I felt like after reading each article, that things were clicking; they made it sound so simple and summarized in a few paragraphs what I’ve read in hundred-page books!

I recommend everyone grab an issue. Granted, this is geared more towards a female audience but there are some non-gender articles as well. For instance, I really enjoyed an article about choosing the right cookware for the right job. Should I use non-stick or copper? Cast-iron or steel? There was also advice on natural options for your pets. Featuring an article on money, you discover if green living is really worth it in terms of dollars. How to make your own organic cleaners at home with only baking soda, lemon and distilled vinegar. There is a strong focus on finding beauty both inside and out, from beauty tips to how to manage stress, from fitness advice to inspirational success stories.

The website also parallels the information in the magazine as well as has archives on how-to’s, recipes, and videos. Although the news stand price is pretty pricey at $4.99, you can subscribe for only $14.95. For a more detailed review on the September 2007 issue page by page read this.

A must read for anyone interested in their health, aging gracefully, green living, caring for their home and saving money!