October 2007

As I continue in my weight-loss challenge, I’ve tried incorporating various schools of thought. Clearly being sensible and realistic are key to avoiding discouragement. My weight started at 160 lbs. After working out and dieting for two weeks I went up to 165 lbs. Now at week 5, I’m back down to my starting weight.

Without focusing on the number on the scale, I have seen and felt changes. Plainly, I feel better. I’ve noticed bloating has gone down, I’m not over stuffing myself, and overall feel good about adopting a healthy lifestyle. The following 5 tips are helpful for anyone simply interested in leading a healthy lifestyle, whether weight loss is a goal or not. (more…)


To support national education during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Daily Tips throughout October will focus on breast cancer awareness, prevention and treatment.

There are many ways to help lower your risk of breast cancer; one is to incorporate medicinal mushrooms into your diet and health regime. The four fungi below are great choices to add to your meals, or to take in supplement form as cancer-preventive measures:

Maitake (Grifola frondosa). This delicious mushroom provides anti-cancer, anti-viral and immune-enhancing properties, and may also reduce blood pressure (more…)

A recent e-newsletter from Dr. Weil listed 7 nutrition tips that help lower your risk of breast cancer.

Diet and nutrition can affect your risk of breast cancer, especially if you have a family history of the disease. The following dietary practices may help to prevent or lessen the risks of breast cancer – we encourage all women to give them a try:

  1. Keep your fat content low. Below 25 percent of your daily calories is ideal.
  2. Avoid animal fats, polyunsaturated fats (many vegetable oils), and hydrogenated oils (margarines and vegetable shortenings) – all can increase cancer risks. (more…)

With a sassy flare, idealbite.com dishes up tips for green living and shopping. A daily dose of humor and wit with simple, sound advice makes this newsletter a refreshing read each day.

I came across their site after reading numerous articles raving about two women who met by chance in a Manhatten bistro and became partners in green. A year later, they came up with the idea for Ideal Bite, an eco-living website that emails tips to more than 100,000 readers a day. Their aim is to provide digestible suggestions on making gradual green makeovers.



Here is some proud news. Not only am I featuring more posts this month about breast cancer awareness, but I have also spoken about my small ownership in Coach.

As it turns out, these two go hand in hand this month. Coach has created a special line of items specifically for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. They are donating 1/3 of the sales from their pink colored watch, along with 20% of the proceeds from sales of charms, to the foundation.

What are the red flags when selecting a financial adviser? How can you make sure the person isn’t just a glorified salesman? Last week, the Suze Orman Show featured this very subject.

The Red Flags:

  • The adviser cold-calls or contacts you first
  • They make house calls
  • They don’t ask questions about your martial status, income, career, etc. (more…)

As I sat down to write about eliminating one of credit card debts, I started looking up the numbers to include in this post. But doing that, lead to even more number crunching. I became so consumed by the shocking numbers, toggling between three spreadsheets I created, I spent the entire evening looking up old credit card statements. I wanted to document and log all the history associated with my credit card debts: the balances I carried each month, the monthly payments I was making, along with how much I was spending in interest!

Well, first to the good news! I paid off one of my credit cards!!! YAY! Now I only have 5 more to go. The highest balance I ever had on this card was $1,444 in July 2007. Thankfully, due to good interest rates, I only paid a total of $21 in interest fees for carrying this balance for 4 months. (more…)

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