Part of the reason for my renewed interest in posting is that I received my Scottrade investment statements. I knew I should have been devoting an hour a week to company research, per Jim Cramer’s advice, but sadly, that also fell to the wayside while I was caught up in the joy of maintaining a home. Since my last post about my Coach (COH) stock investment, much has changed.

As I’ve shared before, I purchased COH at $43. I knew the stock market hadn’t been doing well since the sub-prime crisis however, my previous research about COH reassured me that Coach would be insulated from economic woes. Looks like we were all wrong. My latest statement indicated that COH has dropped 44% to $24!!! So I got back on the financial blogs, back on Google Finance and

The articles I found were not pretty. Here’s some of the headlines flashing before my eyes:

October 23rd- Coach (COH) dives 10% on slack U.S. sales

After hitting a one-year high of $54.00 in April, the stock has been sliding over the past six months. This morning, COH opened at $38.00. So far today the stock has hit a low of $36.20 and a high of $38.94. As of 10:45, COH is trading at $37.22, down $4.25 (-10.3%). The chart for COH looks bearish and steady, while S&P gives the stock a neutral 3 STARS (out of 5) hold rating.

October 29th-Cramer on BloggingStocks: Not buying excuses from Coach

Coach rankles me, too. I am trying to figure out how its model has changed to perhaps making it less of an upscale choice than it has been. The company’s product seems to be everywhere these days and it seems “footballed,” a retail term for being discounted all over the place without any discipline.

November 5th-Will Coach be hurt by economic woes?

As luxury goods have found a wider audience, the financial status of their average consumer has declined. Now a lot of people are buying this stuff who can just barely afford it, or can’t afford it.

December 19th- Recent losses reinforce bearish stance.

Coach, Inc.plummeted 5.5% yesterday following the announcement of a discount on its 12 handbag models. This clearly indicates a sluggishness in the holiday sales and the pressure felt by the company. With no charm in Fed’s rate cut, and considering the ongoing housing slump and the tightened credit, the retailers are likely to remain under pressure. Technicals also portends that the stock is likely to witness some more decline.

Janurary 9th- Coach (COH) NewsBite – Coach Falls on Recession Fears

The stock hit its 52 week high of 54.00 in April and set its 52 week low of 26.21 today. The stock has been slipping since April of last year. Coach shares have been tumbling today as the textile sector is being dragged down by fears of a recession.

Janurary 14th-Coach, Polo Drop on Analyst Downgrades

Shares of Coach Inc . and Polo Ralph Lauren Corp. slid to new 52-week lows Monday as a Goldman Sachs analyst downgraded the luxury retailers due to ongoing concerns about an imminent recession. Consumers have begun to tighten their belts of late due to several economic factors, including the continued housing downturn, eroding credit and building speculation that a recession looms.

January 14th- Until they trim, forget retailers, restaurants

Ever since the collapse of private equity these stocks have declined pretty relentlessly. They have worn people down like you wouldn’t believe. Until we see some closings, some trimmings, some shuttings and some bankruptcies, as we saw in 1990, I guess the operative wisdom is “Forget about it.”