As you may have noticed, yet again, my writing has been sporadic to say the least. Back near the date of my last post, I was reviewing our financial situation in anticipation of large upcoming expenses. Towards the middle of March, I became fearful as I began calculating all these expenses, my brother’s weddings, my husband’s brother’s destination wedding, paying the income tax we owed, dental work that totaled $1500, major car repairs…

I had also just finished reading Dave Ramsey’s book, The Total Money Makeover. The testimonials of grown men earning six figures having to pick up pizza delivery jobs to eliminate debt hit home with me. I knew there was no way we’d be able to afford any of these upcoming expenses as we were barely paying our bills and putting what little we had towards our debt. I decided it was time to pursue a part-time job in addition to my full-time job working from home.

I began applying at local coffee shops and retail stores but nothing came from my efforts. During a social evening, a friend mentioned he needed someone part-time to handle their books! So for about three months I maintained their accounting. They were pleased with my performance and offered me more responsibilities and increased pay. However, the beauty of this unique situation is the new employer understands my priority is still with my original employer as I wasn’t ready to walk away from that job. The need was ADDITIONAL income, not replacement. Due to the nature of my work, I can basically work from anywhere as long as I have a computer. The new employer allows me to continue handling my current responsibilities while working for him. Subsequently, over the past three months I have been working like crazy, working in the evenings and over weekends so I can stay on top of all my responsibilities.

The hard work is paying off! I have doubled my share of our household income. This has allowed us to make some head way on paying off the debt but more importantly allowed us to enjoy two important events that didn’t put us in further debt, as we originally dreaded. So now our brother’s are married off, we’ve paid cash for those expenses and are back on the road to dropping large amounts on credit cards. We’ve been able to pay off two of our six cards as well as one vehicle! This month, I’ve already scheduled the payment to pay off our third card. We’re looking at 3 months to polish off the credit cards, than 1 additional month for the car. After that our consumer debt will be eliminated. We will still have student loans to pay along with building up a six month emergency fund. But hopefully the mental stress and pressure will be gone for good!

I recommend two things to tackle debt. The first is stop acquiring debt, find ways to live on less than you make and second search out supplemental income. It will be arduous work but you’ll be better off knowing you’re working towards creating a better future for yourself and your family. It will all be worth it in the end!