I’ve started hearing more buzz about the Acai berry and first of all wondered how to pronounce it.  From what I understand, the proper pronunciation is ah-sigh, with a soft ‘c’.  I’ve heard Oprah first made this berry popular, however, I believe the berry was gaining momentum as a supplement and antioxidant long before.  But as with the power of Oprah, the world has now become obsessed with the Acai berry.  Here is an article on Oprah’s site entitled the No. 1 Superfood: Acai There’s actually an Acai diet, juice cleanses, pills, etc.  From my personal research, the Acai berry does seem pretty powerful and amazing.  Here’s the description from Wikipedia:

Marketers of these products make claims that açaí provides increased energy levels, improved sexual performance, improved digestion, detoxification, high fiber content, improved skin appearance, improved heart health, improved sleep, and reduction of cholesterol levels.

I’ve considered doing a test study on myself with the Acai berry, mostly for its cleansing benefits but I’m certainly not opposed to losing weight if that happens to. I found another article written by Julia at TopHealthNews.  She seemed to have great success with a few cautions in selecting the right Acai product.  I also have adult acne and am curious if the acai berry will help with skin appearance.  I will keep you posted as I continue my research.