For my full-time job, I work for a franchise company in Atlanta.  In Jan 2010, we’re opening a new location in Chattanooga.  In recent months, I’ve spent time training the new partner up there.  And it is through him that I was introduced to the eFusjon energy club.

He began telling me about the business opportunity behind this innovative healthy energy drink, their unique pay structure and how he’s already earning $10,000 a month and expects me to be earning $2-3,000 a month in 3 months time.

He has met with some of the key people at the top including Shannon Edwards and Marc Sharpe before the company launched in July 2008.  Through them he met Robert Towles, all 3 of them are co-founders. He confirms they are really sharp guys and have come up with a neat plan for marketing their product.  It’s a startup company that just completed the first year of business (September 2009) and it’s the chance to get in on the ground floor of something before it gets really big. Imagine if you had a ground floor investment opportunity in Red Bull?

In the beginning of 2010 the company is going international, you want to be in before this happens (huge opportunity for overlap into our matrices more on this below). They have already filed their paper work to go to Canada first, then shortly thereafter it will be in the UK, Australia, the Netherlands, and Hong Kong. They are also planning on other countries, these are the first ones.

The company recorded first year sales of $28 million and is forecasting $300 million for the next twelve month period and hope to hit a billion in sales by the time they are three and a half years old.  eFusjon is the fastest growing beverage company and privately held business in the United States. Success Magazine is doing a cover story on the company that will hit newsstands nationwide January 1st.

Since most manufacturers spend about 50% of revenue on national advertising they want to take that 50% and push it down through their investors/consumers and people who have actually helped market the product. As the network grows everyone in the network benefits. They chose to forgo the traditional distribution route of store fronts and the shelf space battle and advertising and decided they would go direct to the consumers via word of mouth marketing and direct sales, but do it in a way unlike any others (more on this below).

The Efusjon Energy Club is producing a line of healthy anti-oxidant energy drinks that are all natural, no caffeine (a couple have caffeine for those who want it) no sodium, and contain natural fructose sugar (15 to 20 grams) and are Diabetic friendly. They are healthy for you to drink whether you are two or ninety two years old. Click here for a detailed post about each product.

The energy drink market is projected to hit $9.3 billion next year and the health and wellness market is fastly approaching being the next trillion dollar industry. Currently 54% of the carbonated beverages sold in the U.S. are energy drinks, yes, more than coke and sprite. The beverages that currently make up this market (Red Bull, Rock Star, Monster, etc…) are incredibly bad for you and leave you with a crash.

All of Efusjon’s energy  drinks contain all of your daily A, C,& E vitamins, your B6 & B12 vitamin requirements, all of your essential fatty acids(good fish oils), Riboflavin, Thiamin, Inositol, Folic Acid, Biotin, Selenium, and their secret ingredient D-Ribose. D-Ribose is what fuels ATP, which is what gives the Mitochondria fuel for our cells. Their drinks give you energy 24/7 with no crash by eliminating free radical oxides from our bodies and putting in all the nutrients we need to live healthy lives.

Here is why this direct sales company is different and what sets them apart:

1)      You do not sell anything or have to be the middle man in anyway. All you do is refer three people to the club that want to use their products, that’s it.  They, just as you do will automatically receive their monthly shipment of the energy drink for $120 and you start earning commission on their monthly purchase. All someone has to do is go to your replicated website, the company gives you this and maintains it for you, mine is You need to go there and check it out, tons of info and cool videos.

2)      They are the only company in direct sales that pays with a community overlap matrix. You get paid on what you do and what our team and people around you do. So it’s a team concept. Our team is Team BYO3(one of the largest and most successful in Efusjon), they have live webinars to go over the business plan for people I talk to, weekly conference calls for information on the company for new people who want to know more, and team training on how to talk about the company. They also have weekly meetings that I can take a guest to. Our team website is, go and check it out. One thing that is really beneficial is a video in the video library of Dr. Bill Moore Smith, a Family Practice and Sports Medicine physician who talks about the healthy attributes of the ingredients in the drinks and why everyone needs something like this to live healthier lives.

3)      The company is taking full advantage of internet commerce and how to capitalize on this. Once you join, the company provides you with the ability to create a landing page that links to your replicated Efusjon website. Once you have set up your landing page, you can advertise it to all social networks (facebook, linkedin, twitter, etc…) or via e mail. When someone goes there, it notifies you real time who went there, so that you can follow up with them while they are still hot.

4)      Unlike most direct marketing companies where it takes months to make any money, Efusjon is set up for you to have the ability to make money in the first month.  If you refer three people in the first month, you get paid $225 in bonus ($75 for each) and if we help them each get three within 30 days of their joining, you get paid an additional $600 ($200 for each), plus the regular pay.  There is no contract or long-term commitment with the company, all you have to do is e mail customer service and ask them to cancel you, so it’s something that you can try for 3 to 4 months and if you aren’t happy, you can cancel out.  Lastly, there is a video titled “Sizzle” that has information and testimonials on the company, here is the link

Do your own research.  I did a quick google search and found these sites.  Don’t just take my word feel free to read these sites and do your own search if your interested in this opportunity…

Here is the main site:

The CEO’s blog:

Unaffiliated sites: