August 2011

Admittedly, I’ve been scanning the jobs boards.  I came across a job posting stating something typical like “xyz company seeking abc candidate to perform 123”.  Then the last statement was simply this- “Do not apply if you don’t know who Napoleon Hill is!”  How intriguing.
Nowadays most people don’t have time for books but this extraordinary hiring manager has not only read significant books but has chosen not to even consider an applicant who doesn’t know about a particular author.  In fact, perhaps the reader of this blog does not know who Napoleon Hill is.  Well first he’s an author. An inspirational author of a best selling book of all time, Think and Grow Rich (1937).  Wikipedia has this to say about him:



Now this book, I found to be the most complex and thought provoking of the recent books I’ve read. I plan to read more Spencer Johnson books and his One Minute series. Yes or No The Guide to Better Decisions is a story about a young man who embarks on a hiking trip with a group of others.  They use this hike to reflect on their decisions and analyze how they could have made better decisions, sooner. There is a certain criteria that must be evaluated if you, we, are to arrive not only to good decisions, but better ones. Here I will review the Map to a better decision.

The Yes or No system lets you

  • focus on real needs, versus mere wants
  • create better options (more…)