January 2012

Since the advent of the internet, global information is at our finger tips. In my research for finding a great discount brokerage firm, getting advice on debt elimination, how to live frugally, and which investments make sense for me, I’ve visited varios sources, websites, books and radio. Here are some of the most popular ‘go-to’s’ by category:

Eliminating Debt:

  • Dave Ramsey radio personality, book author
  • Suze Orman tv show host, book author

Personal Finance Blogs:


Who knew?  Why didn’t it even dawn on me that Goodwill and other local thrift stores sell books?  Decent books. Hardback for $2.50 and Softback for $1.50.  After having this discovered this truth, I went on a spree and purchased a plethora of books.  Now, let me explain, my spree was not just a wild free-for-all, I selected titles and authors in which I was already interested.  Books on personal finance, health, leadership, and self-improvement.  The stiff spine on 5 of these books indicates to me that they are new, unread books.  What a find!  Retail I would have spent $366.64 but in reality I paid $38.51.  Below is the list the books I bought and the retail price/purchase price.

The newest items to my library collection are:

The Road to Wealth by Suze Orman        $29.95/$2.02

Mad Money by Jim Cramer         $25.00/$2.50

Guide to Financial Independence by Charles Schwab      $12.00/$2.50