Since the advent of the internet, global information is at our finger tips. In my research for finding a great discount brokerage firm, getting advice on debt elimination, how to live frugally, and which investments make sense for me, I’ve visited varios sources, websites, books and radio. Here are some of the most popular ‘go-to’s’ by category:

Eliminating Debt:

  • Dave Ramsey radio personality, book author
  • Suze Orman tv show host, book author

Personal Finance Blogs:

  • The Simple Dollar
  • Wise Bread
  • Get Rich Slowly


  • Warren Buffet
  • Benjamin Graham
  • Jim Cramer Individual stock picking
  • Jim Bogle Mutual funds, founder of Vanguard

Stock Quotes and Research:

  • Morningstar

On the Radio:

  • Dave Ramsey
  • Clark Howard
  • Bob Brinker

On the Web:

  • Google Finance
  • Yahoo Finance
  • ETF Connect
  • Mutual Fund Education Alliance

Discount Brokerage Firms:

  • Scottrade
  • E*Trade
  • Charles Schwab
  • Fidelity
  • Zecco
  • TD AmeriTrade