Admittedly, I’ve been scanning the jobs boards.  I came across a job posting stating something typical like “xyz company seeking abc candidate to perform 123”.  Then the last statement was simply this- “Do not apply if you don’t know who Napoleon Hill is!”  How intriguing.
Nowadays most people don’t have time for books but this extraordinary hiring manager has not only read significant books but has chosen not to even consider an applicant who doesn’t know about a particular author.  In fact, perhaps the reader of this blog does not know who Napoleon Hill is.  Well first he’s an author. An inspirational author of a best selling book of all time, Think and Grow Rich (1937).  Wikipedia has this to say about him:



For my full-time job, I work for a franchise company in Atlanta.  In Jan 2010, we’re opening a new location in Chattanooga.  In recent months, I’ve spent time training the new partner up there.  And it is through him that I was introduced to the eFusjon energy club.

He began telling me about the business opportunity behind this innovative healthy energy drink, their unique pay structure and how he’s already earning $10,000 a month and expects me to be earning $2-3,000 a month in 3 months time.

He has met with some of the key people at the top including Shannon Edwards and Marc Sharpe before the company launched in July 2008.  Through them he met Robert Towles, all 3 of them are co-founders. (more…)

As you may have noticed, yet again, my writing has been sporadic to say the least. Back near the date of my last post, I was reviewing our financial situation in anticipation of large upcoming expenses. Towards the middle of March, I became fearful as I began calculating all these expenses, my brother’s weddings, my husband’s brother’s destination wedding, paying the income tax we owed, dental work that totaled $1500, major car repairs…

I had also just finished reading Dave Ramsey’s book, The Total Money Makeover. The testimonials of grown men earning six figures having to pick up pizza delivery jobs to eliminate debt hit home with me. I knew there was no way we’d be able to afford any of these upcoming expenses (more…)

Currently, I am working out of my home office. I often daydream about getting one of those big corporate jobs, using my degree and abilities to the full. I know I would definitely get higher pay by working outside the home, but would it really be more money in my pocket?

There are some additional expenses to consider. For starters, as I’m working from home we only have one car. Obviously, I would have some huge initial costs for getting back into the ‘real’ workforce. Let’s examine how costs associated with working at a corporate office compare to those of working from home, along with any benefits.

First, make a list of all the categories associated to having a job outside the home. (more…)

I am always in the job market, constantly keeping an eye out for a great opportunity. Last year, on our way back from a road trip, I was catching up on my magazine reading. I came across an issue of Inc. magazine. Annually, they release a special issue about America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies. Within its’ pages, it lists 5,000 companies around the nation that fit a certain criteria. All the criteria I needed to know was that these companies were growing and rapidly. A company experiencing 20,000% growth in 3 years (and no that figure it not a typo) would inevitably need to increase it’s staff. (more…)