I think I’m in love! My favorite magazine was Martha Stewart’s Living. It’s pretty, glossy, over-sized pages are pleasing to thumb through. My eyes are entertained by the fantastic photography. The articles are well written and timely. But then, I received my first subscription issue of Body + Soul, from the same publishers. This magazine combines everything that interests me.

Body + Soul Sept 07The matte finish pages are printed on recycled paper. The contents can be broken up into departments covering Whole Living, Rejuvenate, Conscious Eating, Green Living, Going Natural, Balanced Fitness, Whole Health and Inner Growth.

Typically, when I first receive a magazine, I flip through all the pages to get an idea of what the issue is about. Then, I go back and read the articles cover to cover. Well, with Body + Soul, as soon as I turned the first page, the topics were of so much interest that I couldn’t help but begin to read. (more…)


I recently wrote an article on a subject that seems to be gaining popularity among financial bloggers/columnists.

I first noticed a post on Wisebread relating to this subject of subprime lending. He clearly outlines the damage that can be done from subprime mortgages even to those who never purchased one themselves. He talks about a decline in property value, loss of homeownership, and damaging economies.

I was also catching up on my Suze Orman column on Yahoo finance. She, too, wrote about these subprime mortgages. Her latest post enumerates the effect these mortgages have on your FICO score. By YOUR, I mean everyone, not just the ones who have/had subprime mortgages. While the lending industry is tightening their reins, interest rates increase for what appears to be absolutely no reason at all. (more…)

Does shopping make you feel better after a bad day? Has shopping become an obsession? Do you buy unnecessary items compulsively? Do you hide what you buy? Keep it a secret how much you spent?

I recently saw a segment on the The Today Show that stated 15 million people can’t stop shopping!

Ann Curry interviewed psychologist, April Benson who wrote I Shop Therefore I am. She said people compulsively shop as a way to fulfill social, psychological and spiritual needs. The shopping provides a temporary ‘good’ feeling but does not address the real issue. (more…)

It’s all over the news! The housing bubble’s about to burst, mortgage lenders are closing their doors, foreclosures are sky rocketing. But what does that all really mean? And why did it suddenly happen to so many people at once?

A little housing market background: In 2005, the housing market peaked. And guess when I bought? January 2005. With the market on a rise and property value increasing, lenders took an aggressive approach, lending even to the least qualified buyers because they were banking on the value of the home to continue to increase and serve as collateral. To ‘help’ these least qualified buyers, banks were serving up ARM (adjustable rate mortgage) loans. (more…)