I think I’m in love! My favorite magazine was Martha Stewart’s Living. It’s pretty, glossy, over-sized pages are pleasing to thumb through. My eyes are entertained by the fantastic photography. The articles are well written and timely. But then, I received my first subscription issue of Body + Soul, from the same publishers. This magazine combines everything that interests me.

Body + Soul Sept 07The matte finish pages are printed on recycled paper. The contents can be broken up into departments covering Whole Living, Rejuvenate, Conscious Eating, Green Living, Going Natural, Balanced Fitness, Whole Health and Inner Growth.

Typically, when I first receive a magazine, I flip through all the pages to get an idea of what the issue is about. Then, I go back and read the articles cover to cover. Well, with Body + Soul, as soon as I turned the first page, the topics were of so much interest that I couldn’t help but begin to read. (more…)