Rule #1 Spend less than you make

Only pay cash/debit for anything you buy

If you can’t pay for all of it with cash, then you can’t afford it

Track your spending. Review it each month. How much do you spend on entertainment, utilities, shopping, gas, groceries.

“Life” expenses (variable expenses) such as groceries, shopping, eating out, entertainment, gas, shouldn’t exceed 25% of your income monthly


Your mortgage/rent payment should not be more than 25% of your monthly take home pay (or one weeks wages)



The traffic to my site has been gaining and growing steadily since I first began blogging in September 2007. So I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for visiting my site and referencing some of my better posts. So THANK YOU!

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Although I haven’t posted since October, this blog has still managed to draw about 20 views a week. So thank you to those finding my blog and I hope you enjoyed the articles, there are more to come. Being as advantageous as I was when I began this blog in September, I aimed to post each weekday. Now I’d like to resume the post, from its state of non-existence, to weekly posts.

As I stated on the About Me page, I completely dedicate myself to one task at a time. And recently, that clearly has been something other than blogging. For a past few months, apart from traveling to Europe, I have found myself wanting to be quite domesticated. However, I have a renewed motivation and will be getting back on track with a more reasonable posting goal. So stay tuned for interesting posts! I’m also leaning towards more financial posts than the health-related ones seen recently.