Rule #1 Spend less than you make

Only pay cash/debit for anything you buy

If you can’t pay for all of it with cash, then you can’t afford it

Track your spending. Review it each month. How much do you spend on entertainment, utilities, shopping, gas, groceries.

“Life” expenses (variable expenses) such as groceries, shopping, eating out, entertainment, gas, shouldn’t exceed 25% of your income monthly


Your mortgage/rent payment should not be more than 25% of your monthly take home pay (or one weeks wages)



For my full-time job, I work for a franchise company in Atlanta.  In Jan 2010, we’re opening a new location in Chattanooga.  In recent months, I’ve spent time training the new partner up there.  And it is through him that I was introduced to the eFusjon energy club.

He began telling me about the business opportunity behind this innovative healthy energy drink, their unique pay structure and how he’s already earning $10,000 a month and expects me to be earning $2-3,000 a month in 3 months time.

He has met with some of the key people at the top including Shannon Edwards and Marc Sharpe before the company launched in July 2008.  Through them he met Robert Towles, all 3 of them are co-founders. (more…)

After recently posting about the latest health craze surrounding the Acai berry, I came across an energy drink in which the Acai berry is the main ingredient.  The company is eFusjon Energy Club.  They manufactuer and sell 4 different kinds of energy drinks.  They’ve structured the company around natural ingredients, fruits and berries. Below is brief description of their products, the active ingredients and how these can improve health.

The Acai berry , which has recently turned heads in the health industry, provides nutrients that can improve energy and performance in all aspects of life.  The acai berry is the foundation of Raw energy drink, and an abundant amount of nutrients for energy.  The berry is believe to have up to 30 times the Anthocyanins found in red wine (Anthocyanins help the body prevent heart disease, fight cancer cells, and curb memory loss).  It is also considered to be one of the top 10 superfoods (more…)

I’ve started hearing more buzz about the Acai berry and first of all wondered how to pronounce it.  From what I understand, the proper pronunciation is ah-sigh, with a soft ‘c’.  I’ve heard Oprah first made this berry popular, however, I believe the berry was gaining momentum as a supplement and antioxidant long before.  But as with the power of Oprah, the world has now become obsessed with the Acai berry.  Here is an article on Oprah’s site entitled the No. 1 Superfood: Acai There’s actually an Acai diet, juice cleanses, pills, etc.  From my personal research, the Acai berry does seem pretty powerful and amazing.  Here’s the description from Wikipedia: (more…)

With elation, I must announce we are finally out of consumer debt!  No more credit card bills, no more car payments, no more personal loans or retail financing.

Last October, I listened to a series of CDs by John Cummuta. (I’ve written about debt elimination before).  By November, we were serious about finding our own accelerator margin and eliminating our debt. At that time, we owed close to $15,000 on credit cards and $7,000 on vehicle loans.

By September 1, 2008, we paid off $22,000 in 10 months. We attempted to pay off our debts the previous the year but kept falling back in to the buy now pay later trap. Looking back, the highest amount of debt we ever accumulated was in May 2007, over $20,000 in credit card debt and over $8,000 on our vehicles. With a steady accelerator margin we plugged away at it, month after month. We lived frugally, used coupons, sold items we no longer needed or used, took on second jobs, sold investments, and after all our hard work we can now proudly say we are consumer debt free! (more…)

As we move forward with our final portion of the overview of David Bach’s Smart Couples Finish book you can catch up on the previous to two posts here and here. Let’s continue on with steps 7-9.

Step 7: Build Your Dream Basket

This step is about saving for your dreams, not about earning more money, or setting goals or getting more organized. Here you will identify what your dreams really are. Do you want to have a vacation home? Take a trip of a lifetime? How will you afford to accomplish your dreams? A systematic investment approach is the best plan. (more…)

Let’s continue our discussion of the information found in David Bach’s second book, Smart Couples Finish Rich. In a previous post we went through the first three steps of Bach’s nine steps to creating a rich future for you and your partner. The first three covered evaluating your current financial situation, what your top 5 core values are and how these affected your financial goals, and established some basic financial truths.

Step 4: The Couple’s Latte Factor

This next step addresses a fundamental problem affecting every American household, the problem is not the income, it’s what you spend. Here we can “learn how anyone can become wealth on practically any income.” (more…)